Profile Painting with Arrows Showing Space Allocations

Profile Painting Study Connects Culture with Cognition

Profile paintings changed as our ways of thinking shifted over time. Find out how that helps explain the link between our culture and our cognition. (5:00 min read)

Conspiracy Theories - Men in Black

Conspiracy Theories Spread Faster Than Germs

Conspiracy theories have been around a lot longer than this viral outbreak. Find out their history and features and how to handle people who spread them. (12:30 min read)

Human History - March of Progress from Ape to Human

Human History Isn’t a Straight Line – It’s a Tangled Web

Human history is often shown as a neat March of Progress from one species to the next. Find out how DNA testing proves it's much more complicated than that. (4:00 min read time)

Hunter-Gatherer Storyteller with Children

Hunter-Gatherer Culture and Storytellers

Hunter-gatherer culture is often seen as survival of the fittest individuals by brains or brawn. Find out how new studies show that the opposite is true. (4:30 min)

Neanderthal DNA - Professor Looks at Skull

Neanderthal DNA Leaves Winding Trail

Neanderthal DNA has turned up in present-day Africans' genes. Find out how this stands current theories about early human history on their heads. (5:00 min read)

Prehistoric Africa - Huts in Baka Village Cameroon

Prehistoric Africa Revealed by Ancient Children’s DNA

Prehistoric Africa is the home of all humans. Find out how the discovery of DNA evidence in a rock shelter in Cameroon is shedding new light on our common ancestors. (4:00 min read)

Starchy Plants - Yellow Star Flower of Hypoxis Augustifolia

Starchy Plants Cooked 170,000 Years Ago

Starchy plant remains have been found in 170,000 year old cooking fire ashes in South Africa. Find out what this tells us about our human origins. (4:00 min read)

Chimp Face - Swing and Sway the Primate Way

Swing and Sway the Chimpanzee Way

Chimpanzees swing and sway to sounds in a form of proto-dance. Find out how this is shedding light on the origins of humanity's universal art of the dance. (5:00 min read)

Friendly face of a laughing woman.

Friendly Faces Drove Human Evolution

Friendly faces are something we all look for in others. Now science confirms that they exist based on genetics and human evolution. Find out more. (4:00 min read)