Environmental DNA Poses Scientific and Ethical Dilemmas

Environmental DNA (eDNA) comes from the traces of genetic material organisms shed as they go about their lives. Find out how our ability to analyze human eDNA samples is a mixed blessing for the fields of ecology and forensics.

Dismal Progress Reports Cause Earth Day Frustrations

Dismal progress reports from Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development and the UN Secretary-General tarnished Earth Day festivities this year. Find out why the status of climate change and mass extinctions is nothing to celebrate.

Tigers’ Personalities are Unique, Study Finds

Tiger personalities are as distinctive as those of humans, according to a new study. Find out how this clarifies the nature versus nurture debate and can improve nature conservation efforts.

Kiska, Canada’s Last Captive Orca Has Died

Kiska, Canada's last captive orca, died this week at Marineland after twelve years of isolation. Find out why animals rights groups want Marineland prosecuted, and how Kiska's story reflects changing attitudes toward our treatment of animals.

Biodiversity Conference Commits to Protect 30% of Natural World

A UN biodiversity conference called COP15 has ended with a deal involving 196 countries. Find out why environmentalists are hailing it as a landmark agreement, and what it will take to put its terms in place.

Reforestation Plans Require More than Saying “Plant More Trees”

Reforestation plans play a central role in global strategies to solve the climate crisis. Find out why simply getting millions of saplings into the ground doesn’t deliver long-term success.

Monarch butterfly pollinating yellow flowers

Monarch Butterfly Added to Engangered Species List

Monarch Butterfly populations have been devasted over the last past few decades. Find out why the IUCN had added these iconic pollinators to the endangered species list and how scientists are working to save them from extinction.

Human-Wildlife Conflict Elephant in Thailand near lake

Human-Wildlife Conflict Aggravated by Climate Crisis

Human-wildlife conflict is becoming an increasing concern as human activity encroaches on natural habitats due to climate change. Find out how a new study involving elephants shows how we can plan for and minimize these tensions in the future.

Safeguarding Biodiversity: Human hand holding Earth, an elephent, a tiger, a deer a crane and other living things

Safeguarding Biodiversity Means Conserving 44% of Earth’s Land

Safeguarding biodiversity is crucial for the survival of Humanity and the entire ecosphere. Find out why new research calls for governments to increase global land conservation from 17% to 44% if we're serious about preserving Earth's ecosystems.