China's Human Rights - Protestors Hold Up Phones with Lights On

China's Human Rights Highlight HRW Report

China's human rights record took centre stage in the Human Rights Watch 2020 World Report and for all the wrong reasons. Find out why HRW says that China's government views human rights as an existential threat. (5:00 min read)

Faint Young Sun Paradox Explained by Microbes?

The faint young sun paradox asks why the early Earth had liquid oceans when the young sun was much fainter than it is today. Scientists from the University of British Columbia think they have an answer. Find out more. (3:30 min read)

Starchy Plants - Yellow Star Flower of Hypoxis Augustifolia

Starchy Plants Cooked 170,000 Years Ago

Starchy plant remains have been found in 170,000 year old cooking fire ashes in South Africa. Find out what this tells us about our human origins. (4:00 min read)

Huts for the Homeless beside tent city

Huts for the Homeless Torn Down By Cops

Two huts for the homeless erected by local volunteers were torn down by the Winnipeg Police Service. Meanwhile a harsh winter has arrived. Find out more. (4:30 min read)

Friendly face of a laughing woman.

Friendly Faces Drove Human Evolution

Friendly faces are something we all look for in others. Now science confirms that they exist based on genetics and human evolution. Find out more. (4:00 min read)

Christmas Nostalgia Advent Candles

Christmas Nostalgia Not Like it Used to Be

Christmas nostalgia always seems to overtake us when the month of December rolls around. Is there one authentic way to celebrate the "true meaning of Christmas?" Some reflections on the first day of Advent. (3:40 min read)

Music is Universal Language - Sheet Music

Music is Universal After All, Harvard Study Finds

Music is universal according to researchers at Harvard. They found that all cultures have music and that songs also have similarities wherever you go. Find out more. (4:00 min read)

China Cables - Persecuted Muslim Families

China Cables: Secret Muslim Persecution Exposed

The China Cables is the name the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has given to leaked documents exposing China's secret persecution of Muslims know as Uyghurs. Find out the latest on this cultural genocide. (3:30 min read)