Chimp Face - Swing and Sway the Primate Way

Swing and Sway the Chimpanzee Way

Chimpanzees swing and sway to sounds in a form of proto-dance. Find out how this is shedding light on the origins of humanity's universal art of the dance. (5:00 min read)

Friendly face of a laughing woman.

Friendly Faces Drove Human Evolution

Friendly faces are something we all look for in others. Now science confirms that they exist based on genetics and human evolution. Find out more. (4:00 min read)

Christmas Nostalgia Advent Candles

Christmas Nostalgia Not Like it Used to Be

Christmas nostalgia always seems to overtake us when the month of December rolls around. Is there one authentic way to celebrate the "true meaning of Christmas?" Some reflections on the first day of Advent. (3:40 min read)

Music is Universal Language - Sheet Music

Music is Universal After All, Harvard Study Finds

Music is universal according to researchers at Harvard. They found that all cultures have music and that songs also have similarities wherever you go. Find out more. (4:00 min read)