Food Ethics African Harvest

Food Ethics: An Embarrassment of Choices

Food ethics is becoming a highly controversial field. Find out how our food choices affect world hunger, animal welfare, a fair society and the environment. (10:00 min read time)

July Heat Wave Mark Twain

Mark Twain and the July Heat Wave

S​ome of us complain about the heat every summer, but this July gave everyone some good reasons to get vocal about the climate emergency. Find out more.

Geneva Convention

Calls for a New Geneva Convention for the Environment

S​cientists have written an Open Letter calling for a Fifth Geneva Convention. It would protect the environment in war zones. Find out what they wrote and why.

Nature Emergency

Nature Emergency -Time to Make it Official

C​anadian environmentalists are calling on all levels of government to recongnize the global mass exinction of species as a Nature Emergency. Learn more here.

Marine Mammals

Marine Mammals: Canada’s “Free Willy” Law

A​n unlikely bill became law this week. It makes it illegal to keep whales, dolphins or porpoises in captivity in Canada. Find out why the law was needed and how it defied the odds to gain approval

World Environment Day

World Environment Day: Educate, Build Will, Celebrate

J​une 5 is World Environment Day. Find out how this UN designated day helps to educate, build political will and celebrate environmental achievements around the world. You'll never guess who the host country is.