Net Zero Emissions 2050 Poster C02 Clouds and Green Leaves

Net-Zero Emissions Bill Breaks Trudeau’s Climate Pledge

Net-Zero Emissions is the stated goal of a bill tabled this week in Ottawa. Find out why opposition parties are calling it an empty shell. (4:00 min read)

Green House Gas Bulletin Smokestacks

Greenhouse Gas Bulletin: Bizarre Thanksgiving Ritual

The annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin has been released by the World Meteorological Organization. As always, nothing has been accomplished. Learn more about the bizarre ritual we all go through every year when it comes out. (3:30 min read)

Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Paris Agreement on Climate Change – What’s the Deal?

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change has formally lost the support of the United States. What does the deal actually say, and what does the US pull-out mean for the climate crisis? Find out more here. (4:30 min read)