Dying Brains May Experience Surge of Consciousness

Dying brains of some animals and humans show some remarkable brain wave activity. Find out why researchers want to find out  if these readings indicate some form of near death experience or hidden consciousness connected to the end of life.

Brain Scans Enable Scientists to Read Minds 

Brain scans from a recent study enabled scientists to decode what people were thinking. Find out how the researchers used artificial intelligence to read minds, and how this new technology might help people who can’t speak or even change how we all communicate.

Sleep problems - Stressed Nurse Looks Sleepy

Sleep Problems Threaten Nurses’ Mental Health

Sleep problems are nothing new to nurses and other frontline healthcare workers, but the pandemic has made them even worse. Find out how this impacts nurses' mental health and what employers can do about it.

Brain Cells - Image of neurons firing, green on red background

Brain Cells Have Mysterious Self-Organizing Ability

Brain cells have both excitatory and inhibitory roles in transmitting neural signals. Discover how they can adapt within those roles and what that could mean for treating brain disorders. (3:00 min read)

Dogmatic People - stubborn man with fingers in ears

Dogmatic People Are Less Likely to Check Their Facts

Dogmatic people pose a problem. They resist ideas, and divide groups. Find out why eliminating dogmatism is more challenging than you might think. (4:30 min read)