Super-Earth Planets Orbiting Red Dwarf Star

Super-Earth Planets: Red Dots Announce Latest Discovery

Super-Earth planets are planets between the size of Earth and Neptune. Find out about the research team called Red Dots and their planetary discoveries. (4:30 min read)

Star Formation - Photograph of Galaxy Cluster NGC-6240

Star Formation Started Earlier than Thought

Star formation was the subject of an ESA study using the Hubble Telescope. Find out why what they didn’t find was more important than what they did. (4:00 min read)

Planets Without Suns - Planet with hot, molten surface.

Planets Without Suns: Can They Sustain Life?

Planets without suns float around orphaned in interstellar space. We've always assumed they couldn't support life. Find out why that view is changing. (4:30 min read)