UN Peacekeeping – 8 Point Plan to Build “Beacon of Hope”

The UN Secretary-General called UN peacekeeping a beacon of hope in a recent speech. Find out what the plans are to make that beacon shine even brighter. (5:30 min read)

New Environment Minister

New Environment Minister Has a Tough Row to Hoe

A new environment minister and a new cabinet are being sworn in today. So it's timely to review the government's progress on climate action. Find out more. (4:00 min read)

Canada's Genocide

Canada’s Genocide Part 4 (Final)

In Part 4 of our series on the final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, we discuss the Calls for Justice and how you can take part in the reconciliation of Canada's Genocide.

Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency: Canadians Get the Government They Deserve

L​earn how the Government of Canada declared a climate change emergency, then approved an oil pipeline boondoggle within hours.

Marine Mammals

Marine Mammals: Canada’s “Free Willy” Law

A​n unlikely bill became law this week. It makes it illegal to keep whales, dolphins or porpoises in captivity in Canada. Find out why the law was needed and how it defied the odds to gain approval