Abundance of Water - Woman With Feet in Water on Rocky Shore

Abundance of Water – Where Did It All Come From?

The abundance of water is still a mystery to science. Find out why researchers believe that water may have formed with the Earth from its beginning. (4:45 min read)

Newborn Stars - 24 Examples with Disks

Newborn Stars Bringing Forth Solar Systems

Newborn stars are shrouded in dust clouds, making them a mystery to science. Find out how a radio telescope survey has shed light on how solar systems form. (4:00 min read)

Solar Sailing - LightSail2 in orbit over Australia

Solar Sailing Lessons From LightSail2

Solar Sailing was the subject of a paper released by the Planetary Society last month. Find out what they learned from the highly successful LightSail2 mission.(4:00 min read)