COP25 Dais Opening Remarks

COP25: Will it Lead to Climate Action?

COP25, the long-anticipated 2019 Climate Change Conference begins today. The goals are ambitious, but results from past meetings have been underwhelming. Will this one be different? There are reasons for hope. (4:30 min read)

Jewish Settlements Israel

Jewish Settlements: US Reverses 40-Year Policy

Jewish Settlements are the thorniest issue in the Mid-East Peace Process. Mike Pompeo just announced that the US is siding with Israel on the issue. Find out why this is a very bad idea. (5:00 min read)

International Day of Non Violence Thoreau cabin

Happy International Day of Non-Violence!

Learn more about the long history of non violent action and civil disobedience for social progress on this International Day of Non-Violence. (3:30 min read)

July Heat Wave Mark Twain

Mark Twain and the July Heat Wave

S​ome of us complain about the heat every summer, but this July gave everyone some good reasons to get vocal about the climate emergency. Find out more.

Death Penalty

United States Backsliding on Death Penalty

W​hile the rest of the world moves away from capital punishment and the UN says that it has no place in the 21st century, the United States is moving to bring it back.

International Criminal Court

International Criminal Court Turns 21

H​elp mark the 21st anniversary of the International Criminal Court. Learn about its successes and failures toward its mandate of Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

Nature Emergency

Nature Emergency -Time to Make it Official

C​anadian environmentalists are calling on all levels of government to recongnize the global mass exinction of species as a Nature Emergency. Learn more here.

“The Absurdity of this Ongoing War” in Libya.

L​earn the background surrounding the deadly bombing of a refugee detention centre in Libya and why the UN and human rights groups are demanding an inquiry.