China's Human Rights - Protestors Hold Up Phones with Lights On

China’s Human Rights Record Highlights HRW Report

China's human rights record took centre stage in the Human Rights Watch 2020 World Report and for all the wrong reasons. Find out why HRW says that China's government views human rights as an existential threat. (5:00 min read)

Huts for the Homeless beside tent city

Huts for the Homeless Torn Down By Cops

Two huts for the homeless erected by local volunteers were torn down by the Winnipeg Police Service. Meanwhile a harsh winter has arrived. Find out more. (4:30 min read)

China Cables - Persecuted Muslim Families

China Cables: Secret Muslim Persecution Exposed

The China Cables is the name the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has given to leaked documents exposing China's secret persecution of Muslims know as Uyghurs. Find out the latest on this cultural genocide. (3:30 min read)

Myanmar Rohingya

Myanmar Genocide Facing World Court

The Myanmar Genocide against the Rohingya people came up in both international courts this week. Find out about the atrocity, the role and history of each court and why you don't hear much about the plight of "the most oppressed people on Earth." (3:30 min read)

Don Cherry

Don Cherry, Poppies and Cancel Culture

Don Cherry lost his job yesterday over Remembrance Day remarks about immigrants and poppies. We explore what this means for cancel culture and the intent of the originators of the poppy tradition. (3:30 min read)

Soufi's Restaurant

Soufi’s Restaurant – Reopening Story is Messy

The Syrian Restaurant in Toronto that closed due to harassment and then reopened is a messy tale. Find out the full story here. (5:30 min read)

No Safe Drinking Water

No Safe Drinking Water for 25 Years

Find out about Neskatanka. The Canadian First Nations community was under a boil-water advisory for 25 years when things got even worse. They're not alone. (3:30 min read)